Human Rights: How urgent are they?

Recorded at TEDxUniversityofKent on 30 May 2015 in the immediate aftermath of the UK’s 2015 general elections, and a political climate in which resentment towards marginalised groups was (and remains) at an all-time high, this talk highlighted the urgency and importance of human rights for all.

In particular I felt (and still feel) that we are facing a crisis whereby we struggle to connect with other people on a human level. I argue that this is because humanity has become an identity structure which sits in contention with other identities. But surely no human can be more human than another, right? Drawing on evidence from ongoing situations in the UK, Sweden, Sri Lanka and Nepal, amongst other countries, I conclude that we can reconnect with this human identity through unexpectedly simple means.

The talk is available to view on the TEDx Youtube channel – to stream the video, please click below:

Written by Gilberto

Gilberto is a Politics PhD Candidate at the University of Bristol. His research is located within international development and critical security studies. Presently he is completing his thesis on civil society in post-war Sri Lanka.

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